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Boat Survey Findings and Recommendations

        The owner of the large offshore cruising yacht hired a professional marine surveyor because they had some mutual friends and a mutual Law Enforcement background. He prided himself on the lovely condition of the yacht and his meticulous attention to her every detail, inside and out, and top to bottom. The yacht was indeed lovely. What the surveyor showed the owner was tiny crack on the side of the rudder. It was barely visible when the rudder was properly installed and painted. When the rudder was removed and examined the damage was more obvious!

       When your insurance company lets you know that it is time for a marine survey it may be an opportunity to spend some money to save some money. We encourage you to attend the survey if you can to see your boat through another set of very experienced eyes.

        The owner of the shore power cord got the boat for such a deal that he felt that a survey by a marine professional was unnecessary. The shore power cord appears to have shorted out, especially when it matched up perfectly to the receptacle on board the boat. I see this too frequently. In fact, one of the boats that had burned during our fire investigation class was from this cause. It is simply a matter of original wiring and the shore cord being only partially plugged in (not locked in). Eventually the receptacle also became loose at the bulkhead. Every time the fully activated (charged) plug (wire) connected and disconnected (wave, passenger entering the boat, etc.) the impediment to the electricity became greater (hotter). This plug was aboard the boat I surveyed after it was purchased. It was a great boat. I'm very glad it did not burn up before we could point out this defect.