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We contracted Anchor Marine Surveying last week to do a Marine Pre-Purchase and Value survey report on a mid-sized older (1981) sailboat. From our initial contact through report submission, marine surveyor Karen Alt was thorough and professional. She worked closely with me to meet several extremely tight deadlines -- and in conditions that included last week's snowstorm and very cold temperatures.
 Her final report (PDF-generated) was detailed and well written; the associated web-based photographs were clear and provided visual confirmation of conditions provided in the overall report. The marine financing and insurance companies I was considering were pleased to learn I had engaged Anchor Marine Surveying; they noted that she did good work.
 Ms. Alt's extensive knowledge of boats, boat building, and marine construction proved valuable not only in the items reviewed and described in the survey, but also in the advice she provided for recommended solutions to areas of concern--particularly important for an older hull and systems.
 I was also impressed with Karen's integrity -- by that I mean she wrote up what she saw and evaluated her observations against the accredited standards such as ABYC, NFPA, and those of a professional, accredited marine surveyor. She explained in clear terms the reasoning behind her observations and recommendations. Karen also recommended an independent laboratory analysis of the engine oil and discussed the results and their implications with me.
 I would recommend Karen Alt and Anchor Marine Surveying to those boat buyers seeking a knowledgeable marine surveyor. It was a pleasure to work with her.  Randy G.

Karen Wiley Alt

SAMS / AMS #756

US Coast Guard 50 Ton Master

Power  /  Sail  /  Tow

member IAMI, ABYC, MSP Alumni